New Netflix movie features the biggest superhero you’ve never heard of and anime’s answer to Grogu – and it’s finally got a release date

Ultraman: Rising
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix is adding another exciting entry to its ever-growing anime library with new film Ultraman: Rising – and the premise is out-of-this-world.

Featuring the eponymous Ultraman (a pop culture icon and household name in Asia dating back decades), the film revolves around baseball star Ken Sato returning home to take on the mantle of the alien superhero.

After one battle, the hero ends up adopting a 35-foot-tall baby kaiju and must juggle saving the world while simultaneously protecting the baby from "dark forces" who would do it harm.

Ultraman: Rising, directed by Shannon Tindle and co-directed by John Aoshima, is set for release on Netflix on June 14, 2024. 

You can also peep the first poster below, featuring the chrome-colored Ultraman and the ultra-cutesy kaiju (it’s giving Mando and Grogu, if you ask us) perched on his shoulder.

Ultraman: Rising poster

(Image credit: Netflix)

"Our team has worked hard to craft a story that fans and non-fans of this iconic character can enjoy. Ultraman: Rising is a film for everyone," director Shannon Tindle and co-director John Aoshima said in a statement. 

"It’s a funny, action-packed, popcorn movie that tackles family, identity, and the struggle to maintain balance in an insane world. This June, we hope you’ll gather ‘round with the folks you love to see what happens when a titanic superhero rediscovers the power of family thanks to an unlikely ally- a sweet, 35-foot-tall, fire-breathing baby kaiju."

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