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You can now pre-order Samsung's fantastic Galaxy Buds Live – here's how much they cost

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live pre-order deals
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung unleashed a whole range of new stuff on us last night – new Note 20s, Tab S7s, Watch 3, to name a few – but the star of the show for most people might have been the brand new Galaxy Buds Live, cute little wireless headphones that come in three colours, which you can pre-order today in the US and UK.

If you're familiar with AirPods, or any other wireless in-ear headphones, then you'll know the basics of Galaxy Buds Live: lightweight, subtle design, all-day battery life, quick charging, and active noise cancellation. It comes in three colours: bronze, white, and black. 

The Galaxy Buds Live prices start at $169.99 if you live in America and £179 if you live in the UK, which compares very favourably to the AirPods Pro. 

What makes the Buds special though is their design, which sits comfortably within your ear and doesn't feature a stem; in our view, they look really chic and potentially even better than their competitors. The design helps with keeping sound out, too, while delivering high-quality audio. 

Today's best Galaxy Buds Live pre-order prices

So, if you're in need of some new earbuds, Samsung has a fantastic little pair for you, available for pre-order today and shipping out very soon.