The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 prices and Note 20 Ultra deals on pre-orders

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 pre-orders are finally live ahead of the August 20th release date. Samsung has only just announced the new Note 20 devices at the Galaxy Unpacked event where we finally got our sights on the Galaxy Note 20 and also the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

We've got contract options for you below, but if you're buying the phone outright, the opening prices of the phones start at £849 for the Note 20 and £1179 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

If you're looking to place a Note 20 pre-order as soon as possible on either model, then we're here to help. We've got the latest information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 prices and if you can afford to stretch that budget even further, you'll want to check out our roundup of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra deals too. We think the S20 Ultra may well be a contender for a high spot on our best gaming phone guide too given it's flexing some very impressive specs. The comparison chart below has everything you need for both of the new Samsung phones. But first a little on the phones themselves.

The slightly smaller Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a 6.7-inch screen and stands apart from the S20 series with the fastest ever processor in a Galaxy phone and 8GB of RAM. It's also capable of charging to 50% of its 4000mAh battery capacity after just 30 minutes. While sporting a far from shoddy 60Hz Full HD display and a nice selection of cameras (with a 30x zoom), you might want to check out the phone's flashier counterpart.

That's right, the Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra is the real star of Samsung's launch, especially in terms of the display and cameras. You're getting a 6.9-inch 120Hz refresh rate with a Quad HD display, although you'll have to select one or the other, just like the S20 Ultra - we'd go for that silky 120Hz display for a super smooth user experience though in all honesty. The Ultra sports a rather bonkers 12GB of RAM, a larger 4500mAh battery and a camera with a 50x zoom. The S-Pen stylus is of course featured on both Note 20 models, but the latency has been especially reduced on the Note 20 Ultra for near-instantaneous inputs. 

We'll have more information for you soon after we've spent some quality time with the new Galaxy Note 20 series. But if you're keen to dive in and get your Note 20 pre-order sorted as soon as possible, you could get some excellent free bonuses as some retailers are offering free Xbox Game Pass bundles (which works on the Note 20 in September - wait...what!) or Samsung Galaxy Buds (with the Note 20), or the brand-new Galaxy Buds Live (with the Note 20 Ultra).

How to use our Galaxy Note 20 comparison charts

The first comparison chart you'll see is for the smaller and cheaper Galaxy Note 20. Keep scrolling past that if you want to see the more feature-rich Note 20 Ultra prices. Then simply select the different comparison chart tabs below to see the different types of Note 20 deals:

  • Plans: These are your contract-type Galaxy Note 20 deals. Usually lasting 24 months, these allow you to spread the cost of the device out while also bundling it with a network package that includes your data, texts and call minutes. The filter options at the side allow you to sort by costs, data amounts and more.  
  • Unlocked: Don't want to be tied down to a contract? These options allow you to just buy the phone on its own. No commitment required, but these are some of the most expensive phones on the market, so brace yourselves. If you're already on a SIM only deal, just pop your current SIM into this phone. If not...
  • SIM only: When buying an unlocked phone outright you'll be wanting a SIM to go with it. We don't mean one of those old pay-as-you-go ones either. Many of the best SIM only deals here start with just a 1-month rolling contract. Although, if you want to go big on data and don't mind signing up for 12 months maybe, you can get some fantastic prices too. You can use these SIM only deals on any phone too, the deals below are not tied to the Note 20.

Compare today's best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 pre-order prices

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Compare today's best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra pre-order deals

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