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Where to find Josh Dalton in Prey (The Blackbox Project sidequest)

Floating around in zero-gravity, splayed underneath a table, or splattered along the side of a wall: Prey has a ton of corpses. If you’re reading this, there’s probably one body you have in mind: Josh Dalton. As part of The Blackbox Project sidequest you have to seek out his remains in G.U.T.S., the zero-gravity tunnels. However, he’s bloody hard to find. But you do get a Q-Beam gun AND some incriminating words for finding him. Watch the video to see where he is, or read our helpful guide below.

It’s simple: just enter G.U.T.S. from the Arboretum and catapult yourself all the way down the tunnel (watch out for the cystoids, Weaver, and radiation boxes), passing the Magnetosphere chamber. Carry on until you get to the large pipe at the end. 

Go underneath it, and if you peer through you can see him floating behind it - but the gap is too small to get through. Simply peel away to the right (staying away from the cystoids) and slip underneath the pipe. There are more explosive Typhons behind it, so make sure to take care of them in a very violent way. Don’t try to cuddle them or anything. You’ll have a bad time. 

And bingo, there’s Josh Dalton’s corpse. Near him you’ll find a Q-Beam gun. This hunk of metal fires a solid beam of pure energy for as long as you hold down the trigger, turning whatever it hits into a pile of sadness and regret. Oh, it kills it too. Just don’t use it on electric enemies like the electro-phantom or a corrupted robot, as it’ll super-charge them. Not good. There’s also an incriminating transcribe telling how a fellow called Lane Carpenter stole his work. It doesn’t end well for Carpenter. He’s dead. Rest in peace, intellectual-property thief.

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