How to get the Prey Golden Gun

Prey Golden Gun

If you've not heard of the Prey Golden Gun before, then now is the opportunity to educate yourself as it's a thing of beauty. Let's face it, who would want to use a pistol, shotgun, or other 'basic' weapons when there's a shiny golden gun out there to be had? Not only does this fancy shooter deal a little more damage than the silenced pistol, but it fires equally quietly too, so you can definitely consider it an upgrade in more ways than one. If this blinged out weapon has whet your appetite, then let us explain exactly where to find it.

First off, start in the leafy Arboretum. Head to the looking glass viewing area and mourn the fact that the scene selector isn’t working. Now SMASH IT. Step over the shards and make your way down the short tunnel. Try not to get freaked out by the ominously falling boxes - and definitely prepare yourself for the two mimics that’ll pop up. Once you’ve made them go bye-bye, create a route up to the top of the shaft with the GLOO Gun.

Climb up and you’ll see a crate with some goodies in it, but more importantly there’s the remains of Julien Howard. Once you listen to this transcribe about growing a superfruit, another audio log will be added to your inventory. Now you’ll have an audio log from Captain Jada Marks to Marietta Kyrkos to listen to. She’s requesting - rather bluntly - to bring her golden gun to the Bridge. The keycode will be transmitted to you, so it’s time to finish what Kyrkos started. 

Head to the Crew Quarters - you’ll need to go down to Deep Storage to get the keycard off Zachary West. Go down to the foyer, turn left, and make your way forward before turning left again to Crew Cabins A. There’s an electro phantom and a mimic patrolling the corridors, so you might want to take them out first. Captain Mark’s cabin is on the right. Open the door, stroll in, and open the safe with the keycode. Voila! Her golden gun is now yours. It adds an element of class to your playthrough. Or should that be prey-through? See what I did there? Ok, I’ll stop now. Sorry.

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