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Watch Dogs Legion Xbox One bug is causing some consoles to shut down

watch dogs legion
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

A Watch Dogs Legion Xbox One bug is reportedly shutting down some consoles. 

If you were planning on buying Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox One, it might be worth holding off until a post-launch patch, as some reviewers are reporting a "critical bug" that's preventing them from continuing with the story content. According to Eurogamer and The Guardian's Keza MacDonald, a specific mission caused their consoles to overheat and shut down, making it impossible to continue the campaign.

Eurogamer states that "the issue occurs around 6-8 hours into the main campaign," in a mission that's ironically called '404'. During that part of the story, players were reportedly told that their console would shut down as it would if it had overheated. MacDonald reported a similar issue, and said that her machine restarted a few hours later, once it had had a chance to cool down.

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Currently, it seems as though the issue is limited to the Xbox One family of consoles, and potentially just to the Xbox One X, although there could be some wider issues. Members of the GamesRadar team say their PS4 and PC versions of the game crashed three and seven times respectively, although another PC build was subject to little more than some physics glitches.

Ubisoft says it's working on a solution, telling Eurogamer that "we're aware of this issue and there will be a hotfix due to be released on 30th October which should help." Given, however, that the Watch Dogs Legion release date is October 29, that potential fix might come a little late for some people. It does seem that the issue isn't universal, and MacDonald suggests you'll still be able to explore the open world even if the problems persist, but if you're hoping to get really stuck into the story, it might be worth waiting an extra couple of days.

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