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Watch Dogs Legion arrives next year and offers a bleak look at post-Brexit London

After all the leaks and the teasers, Watch Dogs Legion is officially a thing that exists. As we expected, it's a brand new British setting, where literally any NPC can be recruited for your Dedsec cause to take down Albion, a new private security firm, and take a stance against the state of the UK. 

Set in a post-Brexit London, in a (hopefully) alternative near-future, it showcases the English capital facing a period of massive social crisis and unrest. Huge unemployment thanks to automation and high-tech AI doesn't help either. The city is in disarray; riots flock through the streets; Trafalgar Square is home to protestors armed with mannequins flipping the bird. It's chaos. Recognisable landscapes piece the familiar skyline, but the people and general vibe of London-town is far from tranquil. 

Arriving on March 6, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia, the game will let you play as any NPC you take a liking to. You'll be able to give them a quick profile, see a brief slice of their backstory, and some facts about their life that may make you want to add them to your crew. It's then a case of doing some missions for them to convince them of your Dedsec ways, and then eventually recruiting them. Then, they're just part of your line-up, and can be switched between them at will. Imagine GTA 5 but with 20 playable characters that you've chosen yourself from a selection of the London population. And yes, that includes parkouring old people that Ubisoft describe as the "low mobility" option. 

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