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Want Dead Space 2 for $40?

Word is spreading regarding an EA Store promo code that'll take $20 off the price of any game in the store priced $39 or higher. It looks like the codeis a leftover from PAX that still works. Most interestingly the code works with pre-orders as well, meaning you can pick up Dead Space 2 for $40. The code also reduces the price of Left 4 Dead 2 from $39.95 to $19.95.

It's too soon to see if EA will actually honor the code or if they'll just go "Derp, our bad!" and cancel all the orders. Either way, better to get your order in now before everyone else runs the code into the ground and EA pulls it:

$20 off any game at the EA store: PAXEAST842

Apr 8, 2010

Down are up ell, ex why be?