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Vultures circling Spidey 4

After eons of rumours it seems as though the villains for Spider-Man 4 might just have surfaced - and they're definitely not what we were expecting.

According to sources close to the movie who spoke to Movieline, John Malkovich is in negotiations to star as Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture.

In the comics, the winged terror is an elderly pest who's been menacing Spidey since 1963 (what do you mean, you've never heard of him?). He wears a special harness that gives him super-strength, with wings attached that he can flap and use like a normal bird.

Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway is also said to be getting ready for some web action - but despite all the scuttlebutt flying around over whether there'll be a big-screen version of slinky cat burglar Black Cat in Spidey 4 , she's looking more likely to play a brand-new character called The Vultress.

Where it gets confusing is that Black Cat's alter-ego is named Felicia Hardy, and it appears that The Vultress's other self is to be named Felicia Hardy, too. Nothing like mixing it up to create a whole new universe, eh?

Are the Vultures a birdbrain idea, or do you think they sound promising? Leave your Spider-missives below...