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Vanquish Pangloss Statue Guide

Mission 4-1 Silence

81: After the radio call at the start of the mission, some enemies will attack. As soon as they do, look to the left of them, on the higher ledge by the water to find the first statue.

82: Once you go through the gate that has a sign above it labeled “dam Control Center”, stick to the left side and across the water will be a small platform that has a statue sitting on top of it.

83: Once you enter the building after the two Romanovs attack, you will come out to a battle with some platforms and some more RIs. After the battle, look across from the middle platform and stuck in the tree will be a statue.

84: Proceed through the building that the platform with the turrets was attached to and continue along the curved walkway.When you get near the end, there will be three weapon depots on the right side.Look behind the center one to find the statue.

4-2 Brink

85: Once you enter the area where the Buzzard fight starts, look to the right, around the corner to see the statue sitting high on the edge behind the railing.

86: Continue along the same bridge/walkway and you will come to a couple of containers beside a burned out vehicle. The statue is on the ground right in front of the containers.Easy peasy.

87: Once you have the previous statue, immediately look into the hole to the left of the containers where the smoke is billowing out from and you will see another statue in there against the back wall.

88: After the Argus battle, head through the door and make your way to the stairs.When you reach them, do a 180 before going up and look for the statue directly across from you on the other side.

4-3 Maneuver

89: After the mission screen, you’ll go through a door and then make a left around a corner to find some enemies. On the left wall, you’ll see a giant 2 painted there.Just before the 2 is an opening and the statue will be in there.

90: Just past the large 2, in the same corridor, you will come to a turret at the end.The next statue is on the ground just behind it.

91: A few steps past the previous statue, you will come to a staircase.Head down it and immediately after you drop off the small drop, look on the right side atop some rubble to find another little golden guy waiting for you.

92: for this statue, look directly across from where the previous statue was.In other words, instead of looking to the right after the dropoff, look to the left to find the statue there.

4-4 Slave

93: After the radio call about god and praying, head to the large door and go to the left of it.There will be a pile of rocks and a statue right behind them against the wall.

94: Once you go through the large door, make your way to the walkway up the stairs and look behind the two weapon depots.The statue will be on the ground directly behind them.

95: Continue along the walkway from the previous statue until you come to a set of stairs.Before going down them, look to the right side and there will be a statue on a girder.

96: Once you reach the end of the walkway, you’ll hop down to the ground below.When you land, make a right and look on the far side of the railing near the wall to see the statue there.

4-5 Emancipation

97: As soon as the mission starts, you will enter the zero gravity room.When you enter, look to the right side and the statue will be sitting on a ledge against the wall.

98: Just after you get the previous statue, you’ll fight a Romanov and go through a gate.As soon as you do, make your way to the left and walk up the wall a little until you see the statue above you.

99: When you are about to enter the third section of the zero gravity room, look above the door way to find the statue sitting on top of it.Before you enter the third section, you will face a swarm of RIs and then need to run up the wall to reach the opening to go through.

100: As soon as you enter the third section of the zero gravity room, there will be a weapon depot on the right.Just behind that- up and to the left a little will be the final statue for the chapter.