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Unknown trailer hits web

Liam Neeson

Unknown , the new psychological thriller starring Liam Neeson from director Jaume Collet-Serra, has loaded its first trailer up online.

Neeson plays Dr Martin Harris, who is involved in a car accident and wakes up four days later to discover that he’s all but been erased.

His wife (January Jones) says she doesn’t know him, another man is using his name, and nobody has any memory that he has ever existed.

Cool idea. Here’s the trailer…

So there are explosions a-plenty, some seemingly break-neck action set pieces (including a juggernaut train smash), Frank Langella in a natty hat, and Diane Kruger sporting glasses and back-combed hair.

What we love, though, is that the trailer closes with Neeson looking mean as a snake and cracking out the fisticuffs. So even if Orphan director Collet-Serra fails to deliver on the set-up, at least that’s a Neeson we can groove with.

Unknown has no release date yet.