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Uncharted 4 collectibles guide

11. Hidden in Plain Sight

5 Treasures, 1 Optional Conversation

Earthenware Mug

At the start of the chapter, go down the steps then double back to the left and head down into the alleyway then look at the far end.

"Antique" Compass

Now go to the right hand side of the market and keep interacting with the seller to collect this "treasure".

Optional Conversation

Cross to the other side of the market and speak to the fruit seller to collect an apple. Next, head down the steps and interact with the lemur on the man's shoulders. After the lemur steals your apple, talk to Sully.

Nephrite and Jade Bowl

After climbing inside the building and inspecting the sigil on the floor, head to the grass corner room and check the base of the statue.

Ivory Handle Dagger

Once you've climbed up to the large bell, use the ledges to the right of the opening by the bell to climb right to the top of the tower, then check the balcony over the beam to the left.

Brass Globe Hand Warmer

When you're back at the base of the bell tower, walk over the rubble to find this treasure by a protruding hand on the far side.

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