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TV REVIEW The Walking Dead 1.2 "Guts"


In which Rick makes some very unconventional fashion choices... WARNING: CONTAINS DETAILED SPOILERS

Writer: Frank Darabont
Michelle MacLaren

THE ONE WHERE Rick, trapped in Atlanta, teams up with a group of scavengers. Together they devise a plan to escape, which involves wearing coats smeared with zombie guts…

VERDICT Tense and bleakly funny, with some satisfyingly gory axe-to-head action and a punch-the-air climax, this is another terrific episode. Although it has to be said that there’s something a little ludicrous about the subplot which gives it its name. As our heroes start lurching down the street, doing their best zombie impersonations, it’s hard not to think of Shaun Of The Dead .

Still, it’s clearly meant to be humorous - albeit comedy of the blackest form. In particular, the moment after Rick’s moving eulogy to the stranger they’ve just chopped up with an axe, where someone points out that he was carrying an organ donor card elicits a sick snicker.

Even this delightfully edgy fare is topped by the introduction of Dixon (the superb Michael Rooker), an unapologetic racist with a line in snarled put-downs – kinda like Sawyer from Lost , if he’d been a white supremacist asshole. He’s a fascinating character that we could really grow to love… to hate.

A SUGGESTION If zombie guts are such an effective camouflage and the only problem is rain washing them off, why not move somewhere sunny, like California? It’d be worth a bit of stink to be able to walk around in the streets safely, surely?

BEST LINE Rick: “All I am any more is a man looking for his wife and son. And anyone who gets in the way of that is gonna lose.”

Ian Berriman

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