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Toy Story 3 Teaser Hits The Net

In the most exciting toy-based event since we got our Ninja Turtle action figures back in 1990, a new teaser trailer for Toy Story 3 has been posted online.

It's a decade since the first sequel, Toy Story 2 , hit screens and since then Pixar has been bought by Disney, and churned out some of the best films of the naughties.

All the Pixar buzz so far this year has rested on the shoulders of the sure-to-be-outstanding Up , which is released in October.

But with debut of this teaser, tongues will surely be wagging in anticipation of June next year, when Woody, Buzz and the gang return for their third outing.

The film, in which the toys are dropped off at a day-care centre as owner Andy departs for college, is set for release June 2010.

We're not sure how the Toy Story brand fits in with the Pixar stable these days, but will likely see a temporary return to the lighthearted and younger-viewer-aimed origins of the studio. Total Film can't wait.

Excited? Not bothered? Let us know your thoughts.