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Tomb Raider art: 33 of the best pieces we've seen

Tomb Raider

The following pieces have been posted with written permission from their creators. However, if an artwork that belongs to you has been included, and you would like it taken down or its information edited, please email us news at gamesradar dot com.

Lara Croft

Created by: Tempus Sonne

Daring Do (Tomb Raider Crossover)

Created by: HampshireUkBrony

Can I help you?

Created by: Natalya Filinova

Lara's new ruins

Created by: Laura Haapamki

Lara Croft

Created by: Chriztay Chuang

lara croft tomb raider

Created by: illyne

Tomb Raider: Reborn

Created by: Ryoma Tazi

Tomb Raider

Created by: WesleyChen

Lara Croft

Created by: Sean Ellery (colour), James Goodwin (inks), Randy Green (pencils).