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Tom Holland replaces Detroit: Become Human’s Connor the android in fan-made video

Detroit: Become Human Connor
(Image credit: Sony)

A fan-made video that casts Tom Holland as Connor the Android in Detroit: Become Human works so well, we’re convinced he was in the game the entire time. 

The YouTube channel stryder HD, who was also responsible for placing upcoming The Last of Us TV show stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey into The Last of Us' cutscenes, has done it again by placing the Spider-Man star in the role of Connor the Android, who was originally modeled after and portrayed by actor Bryan Dechart. 

The video is a compilation of cutscenes from David Cage’s 2018 game, with Holland’s face in the role. This type of video is known as a “deep-fake” which this channel specialises in also producing videos featuring Josh Brolin as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, and Holland again as Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4. This gives fans a small glimpse at what the actor will look like in the upcoming Uncharted movie

The two actors look so alike that Holland’s face blends in perfectly with Dechart’s original character model. The creator of the video noted that “I have seen many fan castings of Tom Holland playing this character from Detroit Become Human on the Internet and it seems like it would be a very interesting movie it turns out.” 

This edit is so believable that anyone who hasn’t played Detroit: Become Human could be forgiven for believing that Holland actually played Connor in the game. It’s especially convincing considering that the game’s studio Quantic Dream is known for using Hollywood actors, for example, casting Willem Dafoe and Elliot Page in previous project Beyond: Two Souls

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