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Thought Prey's intense ending was a bit much? So does the game's director

When your game is about aliens that can disguise themselves as toilet rolls, the final act is never going to be an easy-ride, but Prey's game director Raphael Colantonio has admitted that those last hours were a little too intense. 

"There was definitely too much at the end, it was too intense, not only the security bots but there was some other stuff," he tells Kotaku.

"In general, I think it was too intense, we were trying to ask the players to backtrack, and do some stuff. It was just too much. We should have cut it short. But we could not know."

Colantonio, who since Prey came out has left Arkane and his role as co-founder and game director, blamed the end result on a lack of time, and the "economic realities" of having to get a game on the shelves.

"We probably were running out of time, and people did work, they did their jobs, and... We could have done with another few months of polishing for sure," he says. 

"We had been developing the game for a while. There’s a moment where you book the shelves, because that’s also part of the ecosystem of our activity is that you have to book shelves at the retail stores. So once it’s there, you cannot tell them at the last minute, 'Oh by the way we’re going to delay the game.' There’s an entire chain, an entire organisation."

Arkane Studios is currently in stealth mode, so we're not sure what it's working on, but it has recently revealed that its other big series, Dishonored, is on hold. 

"I can’t say definitively what might happen down the road, anything could happen, but [Dishonored] is resting for now," said Arkane lead designer Ricardo Bare. 

In case you're craving some Gloo gun action, Prey just got an update with its Mooncrash DLC which lets you try endless alien-infested simulations.

Rachel Weber

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