Prey: Mooncrash is roguelike DLC that you can start dying in right now

Just over a year after Prey came out, it's getting a second lease on creepy alien life in the form of a game-changing DLC and a few big updates. Prey: Mooncrash lets players try as many times as they like to escape an ever-changing, alien-infested moon base. And hey, it's available right now for $19.99 across all of Prey's supported platforms! Can't beat that kinda turnaround time.

Prey: Mooncrash tells a new story, following a new protagonist named Peter who, much like the main game's Morgan Yu, finds himself stranded in a base full of Typhon lifeforms (but this one's on the moon). Though the main game was pretty replayable thanks to all the different ways you could approach its obstacles and enemies, this one is built specifically to be played over and over: every time you die, everything will be remixed. Yep it's a roguelike.

You don't have to pay anything extra to get some new Prey stuff, though. Out tonight is a new Prey update that adds three additional modes: the difficulty reduced Story Mode; the Survival Mode which adds extra concerns like bleeding out and limited oxygen; and New Game+, which gives you new stuff to try if you've already beaten the game.

And coming later this summer is Typhon Hunter, a new multiplayer mode that sets one hunter player against five mimic players. Yeah, it's pretty much Prop Hunt from Call of Duty, Garry's Mod, and all those other games, but hey - Mimics. It makes sense!

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