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This PSVR deal has PlayStation Move and 2 games, and it's $100 off at Amazon

Virtual reality games have really come into their own in the past year or two, and PlayStation VR is still one of the best and most affordable ways to get into VR. And with all the Black Friday game deals going around, now is an especially great time to give PSVR a shot. In this bundle, you can get the PSVR starter kit, two PlayStation Move controllers, and two games for $249 at Amazon ($100 off the $349.99 MSRP). 

PlayStation VR, camera, Move controllers, Superhot VR, and Creed: Rise to Glory for $249 (was $349.00) at Amazon

PlayStation VR, camera, Move controllers, Superhot VR, and Creed: Rise to Glory for $249 (was $349.00) at Amazon
Two games, a pair of PlayStation Move controllers, and the PSVR starter kit is a great value for VR newcomers.

The games in this bundle - Superhot VR and Creed: Rise to Glory - are a good demonstration of what PSVR is capable of. Superhot is basically a John Wick simulator: it's a first-person shooter where time only moves when you move, letting you pull off flashy and exhilarating kills and combos. On its own, Superhot is a simple-yet-brilliant experience, and adding VR into the mix cranks everything to 11. Actually, forget John Wick - you'll be dodging bullets like Neo from The Matrix. 

Then there's Creed: Rise to Glory, a first-person boxing sim loosely based on the Creed movies. Creed: Rise to Glory is as much a workout routine as it is a game, and while it won't turn you into the next Rocky, it will definitely make you sweat. 

There are a ton of great PSR VR deals available this week, but this is the cheapest one that comes with PlayStation Move controllers. If you're after different games - like DOOM VFR, Astro Bot, or Moss - or you're looking for a different combination of VR accessories, check out our list of the best PlayStation VR bundles

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