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This Nintendo Switch & Ring Fit Adventure Bundle is enough to get anyone moving - save more than £50!

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit bundle
(Image credit: Nintendo)

As far as Nintendo Switch deals go this Prime Day, this may be the best UK one we've seen: Amazon is currently offering a Nintendo Switch with Ring Fit Adventure Bundle for £314.99. And with the number of people choosing to exercise indoors continues to rise, what better than to team it with the world's most popular handheld and try out Ring Fit Adventure. This bundle comes with a neon red and blue Nintendo Switch console as well as a copy of Ring Fit Adventure and the accessories needed to play; the Ring-Con and leg strap. Nice.

Initially released in 2019, Ring Fit Adventure provided a lifeline during the COVID-19 pandemic due to time outdoors being limited and gyms being forced to close. The game offers various levels of workouts ranging from those who want to break a sweat to players who just want to stay active whilst gaming.

Nintendo Switch + Ring Fit Adventure bundle

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue) + Ring Fit Adventure | £369.98 £314.99 at Amazon
Pick up the Nintendo Switch's answer to Wii Fit, Ring Fit Adventure, together with a Neon Red and Blue console this Amazon Prime Day. A saving of more than 50 quid is never to be sniffed at when it comes to Nintendo gear!View Deal

Still not convinced to take the plunge to the virtual gym? In our Ring Fit Adventure review, we described the game as "a genuine workout packaged in fun" as the game is able to really push you to your limit whilst keeping it enjoyable. With several different game modes included, players will be able to find many ways to make the most out of their time with it. 

The game's story mode plays like an RPG which sees players navigating a fantasy world that is under threat from a bodybuilding dragon named Dragaux. As an athlete protagonist, who teams up with a sentient Ring, players will have to physically move through the game to progress by using a variety of real-world fitness routines like jogging on the spot, squats, and other moves which require you to push in and pull out the resistance band-like Ring-Con. 

There are also other modes to try out in the game including a quick play mode which presents players with various mini-games and exercise sets to try as well as a few rhythm games that utilise the Ring-Con. Not to mention a multitask mode that allows you to engage with the Ring-Con whilst doing other things such a watching TV. 

Worried that you won't be able to keep up? Don't worry. Ring Fit Adventure also offers players varying levels of difficulty as well as casual and hardcore options for all of its workouts. 

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