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This Monster Hunter statue will burn an $80,000 sized hole in your bank account

(Image credit: Capcom (via U-Treasure))

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series, Japanese store U-treasure are selling eye-wateringly expensive, intricately detailed dragon statues made of precious metals including yellow gold and silver. 

And when I say expensive, I mean you could buy a very nice car for the same price kind of expensive. Clocking in at 8.8million Yen, you could be the proud owner of the Rio Leia rare species dragon statue if you've got roughly $80,000 lying around to spend. Made from solid yellow gold, the figure comes in a glass case, with the dragon itself measuring 7.5cm wide and 15.5cm in height, with a 600g weight. 

If that's a little too rich for you, you can also get yourself a silver Fire Dragon Rareus for 880,000 Yen, which will cost you around $8000. Sure, it might not be as steep as the gold statue, but that dragon will still burn a sizeable hole in your bank account. Given the price tag, it's just as well the statues look pretty darn impressive. 

Oh, and for those who have some serious dollar, you can even buy two statues in a package deal for just 16.5 million Yen. That's around $150,000, which is more expensive than Tesla's most expensive S model car. 

To put that the price of the gold dragon into perspective, you could buy yourself 2,667 copies of Monster Hunter World on PS4 at the retail price of $29.99 for the same price of just one statue. What you would do with that many copies of the game is up to you, but hey, you could fashion your very own dragon statue made out of PS4 boxes. It might not be as detailed or glamorous, but it's an alternative way of showing off your love of the series. If nothing else, it would be quite the talking piece when you have friends over.

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