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This. Is. SHINOBI!

The drought of ass-kickin’ ninja sidescrollers is nearly over, people. It took almost a decade, but Sega’s finally done the right thing and announced the a brand new Shinobi game, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

And it looks as if the House of Sonic’s learned a thing or too since 2003’s PS2 misfire. What’s that? A 2D Shinobi game displayed in 3D?! Oh goodness, it feels nine-year-old me isbeing tickled… Sega Geeks: Prepare to have your nostalgia rod dutifully serviced.

Shinobi’s one of the most underrated series known to gamedom, and as much as I’d like to rattle off a brief history of the series, Sega’s new trailer does a damned fine job of showing you Joe Musashi’s proud legacy throughout the years.

Technically, this new 3DS is a prequel starring the original Shinobi protag’s father, Jiro Musashi. But seriously, would you have been able to discern that if I hadn’t just told you? Looks like another one of those respectful “return to form” treatments Sega’s so big on these days, and that’s goddamn good enough for me. Now lemme see that bonus level, dawg!

May 26, 2011