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There Be Dragons adap on the way

Dragons in movies are pretty much always cool (unless you’re watching Eragon - in which case, well, don’t).

We learnt that a few weeks back with DreamWorks’ soaring How To Train Your Dragon . And, just as Clash Of The Titans and Prince Of Persia have got Hollywood in a tizzy seeking out more swords-and-sandals scripts, dragons are now hot property all over again.

We know this because scribe Travis Wright has been hired to scribble cinematic script adaps of Here, There Be Dragons and The Search For The Red Dragon . They are the first two books in James A. Owen’s The Chronicles Of The Imaginarium Geographica .

Yeah, quite a mouthful. Lord Of The Rings co-producer Rick Porras is steering the two flicks, though a director has yet come onboard – we imagine Porras will wait for the first script to be finished before approaching any talent proper.

The Chronicles are planned as a series of nine books, with four already on shelves, which means plenty of opportunity for a Harry Potter -style franchise if the first two films are successful.

The story begins in 1917 London, where three strangers are brought together by a murder, and are told that they are now the owners of the Imaginarium Geographica, a map that leads the way to all the lands of myth and legend.

They travel to these fairytale locales in a ship called the Indigo Dragon, and are pursued by “strange and terrifying creatures”.

It’s an interesting concept, and the first book’s final, novel twist is one that you won’t see coming (unless you read internet spoilers), and takes the series into very fun territory. Let’s see how this one pans out.

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