The terrifying future according to Homefront

Three years from today, North and South Korea will unite. Five years later, the new country will conquer Japan. And finally, in 2024 - after taking control of most of the world - Korea will declare war on the United States. That is our future... at least according to THQ's apocalytpic war shooter, Homefront.

After not hearing anything about the gamefor nearly a year, today brings a new trailer and one of the scariest pieces of swag we've ever received. If the story - written by John Milius, who did the screenplays for Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now - can live up to these promotional materials, this is a game we definitely want to see more of at E3. First, the trailer:

And here is a propaganda brochure we received in the mail this week. Are you ready for Your Glorious Occupation and the Fruits of Happiness? Better brush up on your Korean!

Jun 11, 2010