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The new IT clip is all sewers, balloons, Pennywise, and NOPE

If you thought the first IT trailer, starring everyone’s (least) favourite clown Pennywise just casually chillin’ in a storm drain, was bad enough then ain’t seen nothing yet. Clowns + sewers + balloons = a bad time. Welp. I’m going back behind the sofa.

The clip which debuted at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, shows off the fun-filled New England landscape of Derry, Maine with kids playing and just generally having a fun ol’ time.

Except when the kids decide, yup, going down a dark and dreary sewer to look for a missing kid sounds like it’ll be a fun time had by all. Nope, nope, nope. Bye.

Pennywise even pops up with red balloons (possibly 99 of them) at the end to scare the living bejesus out of everyone with a pulse.

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Image: Warner Bros.

Bradley Russell

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