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The Last Campfire gets new puzzles and performance improvements today

The Last Campfire
(Image credit: Hello Games)

Brand new content is coming to The Last Campfire, Hello Games' small-scale puzzle-platformer.

In a new update, The Last Campfire will receive new content on iOS through Apple Arcade, as well as on PC and all current and last-gen consoles. Chiefly, the new update adds "20% more puzzles," as well as the ability to replay any individual brain-teaser whenever you want.

Additionally, there's improved performance updates across all available platforms, and even frame rate boosts for platforms like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Elsewhere, there's improved controller support, and a whole litany of quality of life improvements.

Rounding out the update for the Hello Games adventure is the ability to read the Wanderer's Diary, and added support for Mac devices. That's a pretty substantial list of updates for a game that was a side project for just three developers at the No Man's Sky developer.

The Last Campfire was originally unveiled by Hello Games back in March 2020, before stealth-launching with just one day's notice in August later that year. It's a charming, breezy game to pick up and play whenever you're in the mood for a smaller puzzling adventure. Head over to our writeup on The Last Campfire for a better feel of the project.

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