The Last Campfire from Hello Games is getting a surprise launch, er, tomorrow

(Image credit: Hello Games)

Surprise! After years of waiting, Hello Games’ cutesy-looking puzzle adventure The Last Campfire is finally launching tomorrow. 

Initially announced back in December 2018, this colorful caper will finally be clambering its way onto PS4, Epic Games Store on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Apple Arcade on Thursday 27th August. Check out the new trailer below. 

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Inspired by the likes of Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, it would be fair to say that Hello Games’ latest is a bit of a departure for the studio. Made under the banner of a ‘Hello Game’s Short’, it’s no surprise that this was developed with a far smaller team than the team’s flagship game. What is surprising, however, is that it comes from the team who also happen to be the creators of Wiiware gem, Lostwinds.

Doing away with the procedurally generated planets and shared worlds of No Man’s Sky, The Last Campfire instead opts for a good old fashioned single-player adventure. Much like Lostwinds, this is a tale about a misplaced traveller wandering a mysterious land as they attempt to find their way home.

Put in the shoes of chibi protagonist Ember (who looks like an adorable blend of FFIX’s Vivi and Journey’s the Traveler) you will be solving a variety of unique puzzles and exploring gorgeous environments as you aim to rekindle hope in a dark world.

Previous trailers seem to hint at an emotive story that touches on death, freeing guiding lights and imagery that really goes hard with the fire symbolism. Hope, death, and fire? Count us in.

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