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The Halo Infinite opening scene has leaked online two weeks before release

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The opening cinematic for Halo Infinite appears to have leaked online ahead of the game’s December 8 release date. 

As shared on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, the German language version of the upcoming game’s opening scene has somehow been released. You can watch the leaked cinematic via the embedded link below however this is your spoiler warning if you wanted to remain in the dark until Halo Infinite officially releases. 

We won’t go into major detail in case you want to experience the scene for the first time on release day, however, what we will say is that it looks pretty incredible. In the almost two-minute long cinematic, we get to see Master Chief go up against hordes of what looks like Jackals and come face to face with big baddy Atroix himself.

Gauging from the comments of the post though, it appears not all Halo fans are as impressed by the opening cinematic, with many claiming that the scene didn’t show Master Chief’s skills off as much as expected, with some fans also believing that he should have been a more fair opponent for the enormous Atroix.

Those wishing to get some practice in before the full game launches in just over two weeks' time can play the Halo Infinite beta which is now live until the full game’s launch day on December 8. The beta began on November 15 and acts like a multiplayer test that allows players to take part in all maps and modes, including 4 vs 4 arena quick play, and 12 vs 12 Big Team Battle. 

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