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The Google Home Mini is on sale for just $29

The Google Home Mini is on sale for just $29
(Image credit: Google)

If you’ve been holding off on buying an automation hub, Walmart is providing you with the perfect excuse right now by offering the Google Home Mini for just $29. This deal will save you a cool $20 off the original price and makes the Google Home Mini a super affordable entry into the Google ecosystem. Once you plug it in and pair it with your phone, the Mini picks up on all the info tied to your relevant google accounts. Whether you’re making lists or updating your calendar, you’ll be surprised how quickly this little guy becomes a part of your daily routine.

This adorable little tech lozenge is an awesome way to quickly access all the functionality of Google Assistant in your home. Comparable to Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Home Mini is an incredibly versatile piece of technology that only gets better with each additional Google device you own. Stream music using services like Spotify or Pandora to multiple rooms simultaneously via multiple Google Home systems, or control playback on any Chromecast enabled TV. The Mini’s compact design makes it ideal for a small room or office and makes for a great alternative to the larger Google Home Max. You’ll be hard-pressed to grab any automation hub for less, and the Google Home Mini is a sensible and attractive option for anyone looking to add a little intelligence to their home.

Google Home Mini |  $29.00 at Walmart ($20 off)

Google Home Mini | $29.00 at Walmart ($20 off)

Make your home just a little bit smarter with this capable and attractive bluetooth speaker that happens to have Google Assistant too. At $20 off, it's practically a 2 for 1 and incredibly handy for anyone that uses the Google suite on a regular basis. 

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