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The Complete Guide To RoboCop: On Sale Now

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164 pages of cyborg action covering the entire history of RoboCop

Everything you need to know, right from the first film to the new reboot!

Over 50 pages of all-new interviews with the stars and creators of the new movie, including:

■ Joel Kinnaman
■ Abbie Cornish
■ Gary Oldman
■ Michael Keaton
■ Jay Baruchel
■ Jackie Earle Haley
■ José Padilha – Director
■ Martin Whist – Production Designer
■ Joshua Zetumer
■ Pedro Bromfman

Interviews with the creators of the orginal movie trilogy including:

RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven
RoboCop co-writer Ed Neumeier
RoboCop effects creator Phil Tippett
RoboCop 3 director Fred Dekker

Features on the TV versions of RoboCop, including an interview with RoboCop The Series star Richard Eden.

A look back at RoboCop in comics, and the influence Judge Dredd had on the the character.

A sideways looks at the RoboCop effect…

And the Top 25 sci-fi cyborgs of all time.

So when we say the complete RoboCop, we mean the COMPLETE RoboCop.

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