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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer teases the high life and more info to come this summer

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has a fresh trailer that embraces the opulent lifestyle at the heart of the series, and offers a teaser of more to come this summer.

The trailer shows a pair of drivers facing off, both in-person at the poker table and in their Land Rover and Aston Martin in the parking garage, and it ends with a teaser for the "next chapter" to come in July 2021. That's not quite the release date drop that Test Drive fans have been waiting for, but at least they know when to get back in gear.

According to the information developer KT Racing and publisher Nacon have supplied so far, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will carry forward the open-world racing focus of the first two games while revamping it "for the modern era." You'll progress through an open concept championship, race through events, cruise around the world, and customize both your favorite cars and your avatar (who should look suitably luxe since that's sort of TDU's whole thing).

The previous TDU games let you race around open-world recreations of the Hawaiian island of Oahu and the Spanish nightlife capital of Ibiza. KT and Nacon are keeping quiet on Solar Crown's setting so far, though they are teasing that it will be "a brand new, vast, and vibrant real-world location that’s been built at 1:1 scale." And we know it's all coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

It may be a while before we can play, but at least you can start building out your ideal setup with our guide to the best racing wheels. 

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