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Teaser trailer for Kit Harrington's Pompeii: watch now

Yesterday we were given a first look at Kit Harrington's abs in Pompeii , and today we get to see them in action in the film's explosive teaser trailer.

It starts out deceptively quiet (considering this is a film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson) before erupting like the volcano at the centre of the plot into a deluge of thrills and spills.

Harrington stars as a Celtic gladiator who gets caught up in the chaos when an erupting volcano threatens to destroy Pompeii.

Check the teaser out below…

For a teaser trailer, it's packed full of some spectacular sights, including that exploding volcano, a thrilling chariot sequence and a kick-ass gladiator battle.

Basically, it's Game Of Thrones meets 300 , what with its mash of action and six-packs. And that's fine with us.

Pompeii opens in cinemas on 28 February 2014.