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Super-gory Mortal Kombat video teases... something

Baraka re-imagined as a man with knives implanted in his wrists? Reptile is now a mutant with a taste for human flesh? Jax and Sonya Bladework for the cops andare apparently played by actors Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan? What in the world could this lengthy trailer be teasing? New game or new movie? A bit of both?

Either way, this marks a drastic change for the wayward franchise. Once upon a time it was revered nearly as much as Street Fighter, which has now seen a powerful resurgence. The time is right for Mortal Kombat to make a stunning, must-play comeback, and if this is the direction they're taking, it's already got our attention.

Above: Jax (now Jacks) Briggs

Above: Reptile, now a human mutant, chowing on some man meat

Above: Baraka is no longer from outworld - now he's a self-mutilating maniac

Above: Sonya Blade pops in briefly, played by Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan

Above: Johnny Cage is still a cheesy action star, though he's laterkilled by Baraka

Above: The split-second cameo from Sub-Zero

Above: Scorpion's clearly in here too, referenced here by his spear

Above: ... and is apparentlyhunting down Sub-Zerofor Jacks

Whaddya think? "Damn interesting" is our take, especially the prospect of a no super-moves fighter from a series known for its inhuman cast.Hugely curious to see what happens during E3 next week.We'll know one way or the other, whether this is a new game or something else, by this time next week.


June 8, 2010