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Stranger Things season 4 will be "bigger, bolder, and more intricate than ever" as major new location teased

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Stranger Things season 4 could be leaving Hawkins, Indiana behind. Not only is Hopper toiling away in the snowy climes of Russia – as shown by the first season 4 teaser trailer – but a change in filming for the upcoming Netflix series hints at a massive shift in how the show will play out.

As per Deadline, a “significant portion” of Stranger Things season 4 will film in New Mexico, home to the likes of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and a certain major conspiracy theory…

“This is the first time the show will be travelling beyond Atlanta [where seasons 1-3 were exclusively filmed],” Netflix’s Momita SenGupta said of the decision to film in New Mexico, while also promising that the move means the show will be “bigger, bolder and more intricate than ever.”

So, why is Stranger Things upping sticks? It’s almost definitely spoiler-related. “If I told you that, I would be disappearing into the Witness Protection Program,” SenGupta said when asked about the New Mexico scenes.

Those who know their UFO history, though, can point to at least one major location of interest in New Mexico: Roswell, where evidence of aliens was reportedly spotted in 1947. The event grew in prominence in the late 1970s-early 1980s.

With conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman being upped to series regular, and members of the Byers family being confirmed during as returning during the Stranger Things season 4 table read video despite having left Hawkins, there is every chance that Joyce and co. either moved there, or a cover-up is about to have a very obnoxious spotlight shined upon it.

Whatever happens in New Mexico, be it aliens or an excuse to shake things up, it promises to make Stranger Things season 4 completely stand out from what came before.

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