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Star Wars Galaxies: New dungeon revealed

The online universe of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided is soon to get another update in the form of The Corellian Corvette. As fans of the movies will know, the Corellian Corvette is Princess Leia's spaceship that you see at the very beginning of the original Star Wars movie. In Galaxies, it presents the first space-based adventure for the online community to enjoy and features nine possible missions.

Missions will vary depending on your character orientation, with each class of Rebel, Imperial and Neutral receiving three of the nine missions each. Although individuals can take part in the level, it has been designed with groups in mind and is timed. Run out of time and all those Galaxies goodies on offer will pass you by. However, go in with a bunch of mates and it sounds great fun in one of the coolest fictional universes ever created.