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Star Wars Battlefront is teasing a Hoth-related expansion

It looks like we might be finding out sooner rather than later what's going to be in the first expansion pack for Star Wars Battlefront. That 'early 2016' date we were given last year for the first DLC and now the below Tweet from EA strongly suggests some Hoth-related news appearing at some point today.

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The above screen is from The Empire Strikes Back so popping some speculation goggles on we might be getting some Hoth costumes for classic characters or even a potential new mode set on the snowy planet. This is already where Walker Assault etc takes place so it's not exactly uncharted territory for the game, but a search and destroy mode with Tauntauns or Imperial Viper probe droids would be good fun. Add in a Wampa or two and that sounds like an excellent party. We'll keep you updated when more info appears. All season pass holders get two weeks early access to all expansions released.

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Louise Blain

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