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Star Trek: Discovery offered Michael Dorn a Worf-related role but he said no - here’s why

Star Trek: Discovery is shaping up to be a bold reinvention of a classic series, but one New Generation alumni was offered the chance to boldly go where, uhh, he’s gone before – but turned down the opportunity. Set your phasers to sob.

Michael Dorn – better known as Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation to Trekkies – could have joined the cast as an ancestor to his iconic character but, according to Trek Movie, things fell apart over those sweet, sweet space dollars. In fact, Dorn was allegedly offered “less than one percent of what he made in his last contract as Worf.”

It would’ve been cool to see Dorn don the ridged head of Worf’s ancestors yet again, having done so in the sixth original series Star Trek movie, but it’s also refreshing to (hopefully) see the sci-fi space opera stand on its own two feet when Star Trek returns to TV screens this year for the first time in over a decade.

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