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"[SPOILER] IS ON WESTWORLD WHAT THE F***" – The internet reacts to Westworld season 2, episode 2

Westworld season 2, episode 2 was probably the wildest ride the show has taken us on yet. Taking in multiple timelines (again), more than a mere peek at the outside world, and a bunch of other things that just need to be talked about, it showed Westworld at its very best. And (nearly) everyone else agrees. Spoilers to follow...

Pulling back the curtain

Ok, so… WTF? The entirety of the first season of Westworld was spent within the park, offering nary a glimpse of what lies beyond. This episode said to hell with that, and gave us extended looks at Young William and Logan Delos (whose surname was probably the most casual namedrop in the history of namedrops). Where does this timeline – which seems to take place before the events of the first season – go from here?

Maeve and Dolores cross paths...

Westworld giveth, Westworld taketh away. Just as soon as Maeve and Dolores shared a scene together, their first since learning the truth of the world they inhabit, then is the rug pulled out from underneath us. Maybe one day soon we’ll get the dream team we so desperately crave?

...With Dolores and the Man in Black on a collision course

One thing we’re sure to see more of, however, is the Man in Black and Dolores coming together again. This time, though, they’re at opposite ends of the good-evil spectrum as something lies at The Great Beyond. It’s a weapon according to Dolores. Other than that? We know very little (shocking, I know).

Frings that make you go 'hmm?'

Noticed a familiar face during the closing scenes of this week’s episode? Yep, that was Giancarlo Esposito, otherwise better known as Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring. As was the theme with the episode, we barely got an extended look at him before he offed himself in a crowd-pleasing cameo. Is that the last we’ll see of him? Or does Ford have more Chicken Man-themed tricks up his sleeve?

The best episode yet?

When Westworld is on it’s one of the best shows around. And Westworld was very much on it this week; mysteries galore, captivating cameos, you name it: it had it all. How does next week go about topping this?

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