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Skyrim Daedric Quest guide

Mehrunes Dagon – Pieces of the Past

Requirements: Level 20
Starting Location: Dawnstar

After passing level 20 you will receive an invitation to visit a museum in the city of Dawnstar. If you don’t feel like waiting for this you don’t have to as the museum is rather obvious thanks to the Mythic Dawn symbols outside of it. Speak to Silas to be invited in to work on a quest for him. The long and short of it: he wants you to retrieve the three pieces of Mehrunes Razor in the name of his ancestors. Or something like that.

This requires that you deal with three people who possess the pieces of Dagon’s artifact. These can be gotten in any order but it’s easiest to get the one in Morthal first. Speak to Jorgen and either bribe, persuade or intimidate that key out of him (or just, ya know… kill him) then just get the hilt out of the chest in his house.

Cracked Tusk Keep is the second possible destination and it is located west of Falkreath (there’s that city again). Luckily the keep itself is pretty easy although the numerous traps on the lower level are quite a pain in the rear. Just be very careful and you should be fine.

From here you’ll need to make your way to Dead Crone Rock, a Word Wall location that you will want to have on your map at some point. There you will find Drascua, a Hagraven who will be carrying the final piece of the artifact. Kill her and her Forsworn guardians so you can get it and return the various parts to Silus.

Silus tasks you with one final goal, meeting him at the Shrine of Dagon and helping him with uniting the pieces into the Razor itself. This doesn’t turn out as he’d hope.

Of course if you’d rather not have the artifact dagger with a 25% chance of killing enemies per hit you can agree to not kill Silus. Then you lose out on the artifact and get 500 gold. Yay? Just put the dolt out of everyone’s misery and walk off with a fantastic backup weapon.

Mephala – The Whispering Door

Requirements: Level 20, Complete main storyline quest “Dragon Rising”
Starting Location: Whiterun

Getting this quest to start is a pain in the rear end. It will only be started by speaking to Hulda in the Bannered Mare about rumors but this option doesn’t always come up. Instead speak with her and ask about gossip. She will talk about how there’s no rumors or repeat a previous one. However this will refresh her dialogue options, giving you a new dialogue choice to ask about rumors. She will now mention how there’s talk about the Jarl’s son. This will open up the dialogue option with the Jarl to talk about his son.

From here the quest is incredibly simple and basically just involves a lot of running back and forth. Talk to the Jarl, talk to his son and then talk to the Whispering Door hidden in the kitchen area. This is the only tricky part – you have to steal a key to the Whispering Door from Forengar or Jarl Ulfric. The easiest way to do this is to wait until Forengar goes to sleep and then pickpocket the key off of him. Even if you have a very low pickpocket score it should be easy.

Now just open the door and grab the Ebony Blade. This is an incredibly strange artifact that powers up as you use it to kill those with an emotional connection to you. It doesn’t have to be your spouse but it can be anyone that you’ve completed a quest for, paid for their services or beat in a bar duel to become a follower. They don’t acknowledge your attacks as hostile letting you murder them in cold blood. As you kill them you increase the health drain effect but not the base damage. Honestly this means that the blade is kind of crappy and not worth using, just like a weapon the God of Deceit might hand out.

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