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Latest Sims 4 update adds personality quizzes and over 1000 new catalog objects

(Image credit: EA)

 Remember those personality quizzes you got in teen magazines back in the day? Well, The Sims 4 is bringing them back as a part of the sim creation process. It's a new game mode for Create-A-Sim that will feature probing questions like their music taste, what they'd do if they found an ancient relic, and how they feel about critters.

"It's something we're calling Create-A-Sim Stories, and this is going to be a way to infuse a little personality, and starting conditions, into your sim before they even hit live mode,"  explains producer Graham Nardone in the video update.

"This doesn't change anything about the old process. If you still want to create your sim the normal way you totally can."

It's part of a bigger update that gives the main Sims 4 home screen a little makeover and unlocks over a thousand new objects in the catalog for you to add to your lot. The catch? You'll need the expansion pack that object is tied to access it. 

"You can see all of these objects that have the little globe icon in the top right, those are all objects that were previously environment objects," points out Nardone. "You'd find them out in the world but you weren't able to place them on your lot, but now you can."

That includes huge movie props from Sims 4 Get Famous, billboards, news vans, ominous military structures from Strangerville, and enough plants to stock a garden center. 

The new update will go live in The Sims 4 soon. Until then, check out our Sims 4 cheats list to help live your best sim life. 

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