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Merlin Season Three

SFXCLUSIVE Showrunner Johnny Capps can’t keep some of that season three magic a secret any longer

Anyone expecting Arthur to rumble Merlin’s secret in season three of the BBC’s smash hit fantasy series is going to have to wait a little longer, show producer Johnny Capps reveals to SFX in an exclusive interview in SFX 198 : “Series 25 million, perhaps!,” he jokes.

“I think that part of the format of the show is that Merlin keeps his magic a secret, just as Superman keeps his identity secret – and I think Arthur not knowing about it is the heart of the show. Presumably at some point Arthur would find out, but I think that would be very late on.”

Capps does, however, reveal some exciting info about the new season, including how it all kicks off with a two-part story. A year has passed in Camelot since Morgana went AWOL in the season two finale, and her absence hasn’t gone unnoticed. “Within the first five minutes you catch up as to where our characters have been,” says Capps. “Camelot has been very focused on the search for Morgana, and Uther has been very concerned about where his ward is. Many search parties have been sent out and many soldiers have died looking for her. But when she comes back it’s very intriguing as to where her allegiances lie and what’s happened to her. She’s been on quite a journey.”

Other titbits he reveals in the article in SFX 198 include:

  • Emilia Fox will be returning as Morgana’s half sister Morgause
  • We’ll find out more about Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake
  • Round Table Knight Sir Gawain will be putting in an appearance
  • The Fast Show and Harry Potter ’s Mark Williams will play a “mischievous goblin”
  • Merlin will discover the Crystal Cave
  • The Great Dragon still has an importnat role to play, although that role is very different
  • And much, much more that you’ll have to read the full interview in SFX 198 to discover…