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SFX BLOG AWARDS 2011: The Results

At last – the winners are announced! Here are SFX readers’ favourite blog sites

Last month we launched SFX ’s first ever Blog Awards, and you lot have voting furiously ever since. Now we are proud to present the lucky winners, the sites that amassed the most votes. We’re pretty certain the results would have been the same using AV (though quite how plugging the votes into the back of your TV affects anything escapes us for the moment).

Bad luck to the runners-up. It was a hotly contested battle, and you all did yourself proud. You can check out the full list of nominees here .

Best Podcast:

Doctor Who Podshock


Best Online Fan Community:



Best SF News Blog:

Doctor Who News Page


Best Literary Blog:

SF Signal


Best Franchise Specific Site:

Supernatural Wiki


Best Celebrity Blog:

John Scalzi