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Sekiro’s Great Serpent gets replaced by Thomas the Tank Engine in this terrifying PC mod

Thomas the tank engine just can’t stop himself from getting involved, can he? The blue train has been modded into so many games at this point, he’s basically become an unstoppable force. From making a nightmarish appearance in Resident Evil 2 by replacing Mr. X, to becoming a horse in Breath of the Wild, the blue train isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Thanks to yet another Thomas-related mod, he’s now managed to find his way into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in the Great Serpent’s stead. 

The Nexus mod, which can be found here (via PCGamesN), replaces the Great Serpent with a gigantic floating 'Thomas the Snake Engine', who glides his way through the air. Before you see the tank engine’s big reveal, you can hear a distant choo-choo ring out in the distance - signalling the mighty blue foe is nearby. Better be prepared. Thomas is right around the corner, and he’s bound to go full steam ahead in this fight. 

You can see the spectacle for yourself below: 

Given Thomas' rich history of making appearances in the modding world, it was only a matter of time before this happened. One thing's for sure: this mod just continues to prove Thomas is pure nightmare fuel. I never thought his choo-choos could sound so hauntingly terrifying. To be honest, I’d rather face the Great Serpent over Thomas any day. 

Whether you're fighting Thomas the Tank Engine or the Great Serpent, our Sekiro bosses guide can give you all the know-how you need. 

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