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You've not known fear until you've seen Mr X replaced by Thomas the Tank Engine in this Resident Evil 2 Remake mod

What’s scarier: a grey-skinned, seemingly indestructible man with a torso big enough to make body builders whimper, or the smiling, also seemingly indestructible grinning Thomas the Tank Engine swaying menacingly towards you? If you picked the first option, think again. Because someone has modded Thomas the Tank Engine into the Resident Evil 2 (opens in new tab) remake, and there’s something about his smiling, brightly coloured-face that makes my brain freak the hell out. 

Look above to see Thomas in action and wonder at how weirdly well he works in the game: each punch the original Mr X model throws your way is replaced by Thomas throwing his body to one side and shoulder-slamming you - if he has shoulders, that is - and when you can hear him coming, there’s nothing quite like seeing Thomas’ profile saunter past the door to the room you’re hiding in. I’m going to be having questionable nightmares for a while now, so thanks, ZombieAli and DJ Pop. ZombieAli made Thomas’ model (opens in new tab), and DJ Pop the sounds, and when you combine the two (get the mod right here (opens in new tab)) you get an exquisite mix of treasured childhood memories spliced together with heart-pounding horror. Lovely. 

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If Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t quite your thing (and honestly, I don’t blame you), there are other ways to make Mr X take a break from his trademark trench coat. You can take off the mentioned trench coat to see the, um, interesting umbrella underwear he wears (opens in new tab), or you can mod the game to have X Gon’ Give It To Ya play when he arrives (opens in new tab), or if you can’t get enough of the grey-skinned Tyrant, you can turn every single enemy into him (opens in new tab). Hey, you do you. 

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