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Scorching Scott Pilgrim trailer smashes online

It’s finally here!

Sorry, maybe we weren’t loud enough when we screamed IT’S FINALLY HERE!

After months of hand-wringing and hair-pulling over how far away the release of Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim Vs The World comic book adap is, the flick’s first trailer has finally exploded onto the internet.

And it’s a split-screen, multi-coloured, wit-infused, head-spinning, visually-rapturous candy cane delight.

Which only goes half way to describing the amounts of awesome contained in the 82-second first look. Stuffed with style (it's all about that snow and the comic book POW! s), Pilgrim looks every bit as awesome as everybody involved has been having us believe.

So as well as showing us where all that Hollywood money has been going (evidently on an array of spectacular smash-ups), we're treated to Michael Cera having the living crap beaten out of his puny manchild body, then a glimpse of newly-appointed Captain America Chris Evans as a jealous ex-beau, as well as Mary Elizabeth Winstead sporting some funky-cool wigs.

(Alright, so there are a few uncomfortable echoes of Speed Racer in the stylised fights, but we'll let that slide.)

Graduating from playing loveable geeks in everything from Superbad to Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist , Michael Cera stars as... loveable geek Scott Pilgrim.

Lead singer of garage group Sex Bob-omb and general average teen, his life takes an interesting twist when he falls for Ramona Flowers (Winstead, her with the blue hair on the left). It seems his luck is in when it turns out she likes him, too.

Only problem is, in order to have her for himself, Scott has to conquer her seven evil exes, who are all on their way to dismember him.

Hello, Awesome? Nice to meet you! Now let's rock! Hang on, you probably want to watch all this for yourself, right? Well, head on over and watch it online at MSN here , but be sure to hurry back and let us know what you thought.

Now all we have is five more months of hand-wringing and hair-pulling until the flick's 27 August release. We'll probably resemble Lex Luthor by the end of it...

Kick-Ass? Forgedabouddit! Make way for Pilgrim... Who's with us?