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Save £500 on a high-end Razer laptop today in the Prime Day deals event

Save up to £500 on a Razer laptop today as part of the Prime Day deals
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If you're after a gaming machine this autumn then these Razer blade deals are some of the best Amazon Prime Day laptop deals going right now. As part of the wider Amazon Prime day deals, there's a proper handful of deals on offer across the blade range and you can save up to £500. From a small and nippy Stealth 13 to a big and beastly Pro 17, these are seriously worth your consideration. 

There's a reason - well, several reasons - why the Razer laptops are at the top of our best gaming laptop guide. The main point is they do pretty much everything really well and achieve a genuinely premium and well-performing machine with each outcome or configuration. From sheer power and performance to sleek designs that are thin and chic, and from great lightness to wonderful screens, the Razer Blades can do it all.

And you can take your pick today with savings across the range. There's a £400 discount on a Razer Blade Stealth 13 - the baby of the family - that sports a 1650Ti graphics card, a 10th-gen Intel processor, and a super-smooth 120Hz HD screen - this can be yours for £1,398.99 right now. At the mega end of the spectrum, you've got a 2070-powered machine that features the biggest discount - a whole £500. This beastly machine also had 16GB of RAM, a 521GB SSD, and a superfast 300Hz 17.3-inch screen to enjoy; it's now down to £2,398.99.

However, you may find your home in the middle of the pack with Razer's famous Blade 15 models. There are a couple to choose from today but - particularly if you're not too worried about getting the most power and juice out of your laptop - I'd draw your attention to the GTX 1660Ti-powered laptop. Along with an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and a FULL HD 144HZ screen, this laptop offers great value for a Razer laptop. These are premium machines so getting one reduced by nearly £250 is a great deal. It's now available for £1,358.49.

While these aren't 'throw your money away' levels of cheap, it's a solid amount of money off each machine, offering an affordable and genuine way to pick up a cheap Razer laptop.

For the full breakdown, check out the offer below, and remember you have to be an Amazon Prime member to get these deals, so grab a free trial if you're not on-board yet.

Razer Blade sale

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