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Rumour Mill: Keanu Reeves for Cowboy Bebop?

This is strictly one for the file marked “Rumour: Do Not Believe Until Confirmed. Twice”, but two news stories have sprung up recently about plans to bring beloved anime action adventure Cowboy Bebop to the big screen.

The tale of Spike Spiegel a former crime syndicate member haunted by his days of bad behaviour, has been a favourite in Japan and across the pond for a while, and a movie has long been in development. Now, apparently, The Day The Earth Stood Still remake producer Erwin Stoff has been trying to get to turned into a live action film.

And who might be up for the role of Spike? Step forward Day star Keanu Reeves. It’s all whispers and “sources” at the moment, but he could certainly look the part. Can he be animated enough though? Ouch… Sorry. has the full story , though all credit to iF Magazine for digging up the first indications.