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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 3: The Forge (cont.)

Zoom in on the panel above the compartment that held the hollowed-out metal block and insert the connector on the right side.

Spin the dial at the bottom until you can pick it up.

Now we need to solve another puzzle by following a convoluted set of directions to switch the positions of the blocks with pieces on top of them.

Move the cross up, and the ringed piece to the left. Move the gold block in the middle row down a space.

Move the cross to the right, the top left gold block down a space, and the top right gold block across to the left.

Move the cross up, the bottom right gold block up, and the ringed piece to the right.

Move the gold block from the middle left down a space, and slide the gold block from the right over to the left. Move the ringed piece up one. The blocks should now look like this.

Starting with the ringed piece, simply move all of the blocks around clockwise until the pieces align with the cutouts. Take the metal casting.

Slot the metal casting into the panel at the front of the pyramid and slide the handle around to the second light bulb.

Head back into the room with the circular saw.

Examine the mechanical disk in your inventory and spin it around until the the edges pop out.

Attach it to the bottom of this mechanism and once it's finished its journey across the rails, grab the belt left in its wake.

Use the belt to attach the wheel at the top to the wheel on the table.

Turn on the milling machine and pick up the two chess pieces.

Slot the chess pieces into the holes on the left side of the pyramid.

Whip out your eyepiece again. Use the slider on the left to move the water wheel and align it with portion you can see inside of the house. Do this successfully and the wheel will become magically restored. Move it over to the right.

Now slide the gear on the right upwards and push the button on the roof. The top of the house will open up revealing another slider for you to push up.

Back outside the pyramid, press the button on the back of the lens to shoot out a beam of light.

Move over to the lens on the right and rotate it to match the position above.

Do the same with the next one. You want the shapes being made by rotating the lenses to match the outlines on the last lens in the chain.

Press the button on the back of the first lens and a keyhole will be revealed.

Head back to the forge and arrange the column of blocks to match the pattern for the next key. Follow the same process as before, but this time, use the key we made earlier to put in the drawer at the top.

Use the key on the second tier of the pyramid and have your eyepiece to hand for the next puzzle.

This is another really simple one. Rotate the cube using the dials to line up the coloured indentations with gems of the matching colour. Push each one into the cube before addressing the next one.

Once you're victorious, take the red gem and pop it onto the slot at the top of the pyramid next to the emblem of the key required to open the lock.

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