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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 3: The Forge

Place the pyramid onto the table and pick up the optical device.

Attach the optical device to the circular wooden panel on the nearby door and rotate the dials so that the beam of light hits the gem in the middle.

Go through to the room beyond and get the power up and running by arranging the sliders as pictured above.

Flip the lever followed by the switches on the box, and push the button. Move the bottom slider on the panel above so that it's in sync with the one at the top to create the doorway.

Pick up the leather case from the right side of the table and open it to find kindling.

Now examine the front of the pyramid and push the button on the bottom left. Take the flint from inside.

Take a gander at the control panel to the right and pick up the small key.

There's a trapdoor in the corner of the room by the window. Slide open the cover on the padlock and open it using the small key. Pick up the metal rod.

Open the trapdoor and yank the handle back to redirect the flow of water.

Head back to the pyramid and flip the small catches on the bottom corners of the left side.

A panel will slide out with an accompanying puzzle.

Move the inner blue stone to the left, and the inner red stone to the right as above.

Move the outer red stone to the right, and the blue stone from the middle to the left edge, like so.

Move the blue stone from the right into the middle, and the rightmost red stone to the outer right edge. Now your panel should look like this.

Finally, move the red stone from the left over to the right, and the blue stone from the middle to the now empty space on the left.

Take the metal casting and insert it into the panel in front of the pyramid. Guide the handle on the left around to the first light bulb.

Go back to the control panel and insert the metal rod into the slot on the right. You need to guide the sandbag onto the pressure plate in the back left corner of the room. This is another straightforward one, so move the bag over there.

Once the plate is depressed, the top lock on the door will have slid back. Push the metal handle over to the left to lock it into place, as we need to move the sandbag again.

Steer the sandbag over to the pressure plate at the front left of the room to open the wooden door ahead.

Head through the door and pull back the latch on the panel to the right. Return to the control panel.

Guide the sandbag through the newly opened hatch and into the room beyond.

Use the handle on the left to lift the saw blade and split the sack open. Take the metal bar and go back to the main room.

Now you need to use the forge. Open the drawer on the front, pop the kindling in, and close it again.

Stick the flint onto the top of the circular mechanism and start spinning it around until the forge is lit.

Arrange the column of blocks in the pattern above which is the shape of the key needed for the bottom level of the pyramid.

Pull out the drawer above, chuck in the metal bar, and shut it again.

Keep pumping the bellows until the forge spits out a key.

Use the key at the bottom of the pyramid and a small drawer will open. Slide the round component over to the left.

A panel on the left will have opened containing a small connector. Take it out and slide the component over to the right.

A panel on the right will have opened. Take the hollowed-out metal block.

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