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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 2: The Clock Tower (cont.)

Use your eyepiece to view the painting and you'll see a puzzle inside. This is really straightforward - just rotate the camera so that blue lines form connected pathways to move the purple blob along. Keep spinning it to reveal the route and take the clock face that's your reward.

Make your way back downstairs and push the clock face onto the side of the gold box to reveal a panel on the side. The aim of this puzzle is to defeat the rooks with the gold knight.

Tap the knight to view the possible positions it can move to. Tap the top of the two squares.

From here, take the rook highlighted at the bottom right.

The board will reset, so tap the knight and move it to the square pictured above, then take the highlighted rook.

Once the board resets, move the knight to the position above.

Then to this square.

The next move is to the top of the board.

Now move it to this space. From here you can take the rook at the top.

After the final reset, move the knight to the square as above.

Then down to the bottom, where you can take the last highlighted rook.

Look inside the opening that materialises using your eyepiece.

Rotate the disc on the left so that the lines are horizontal and slide the handle on the edge over tot he middle.

Spin the left disc around to the horizontal position. You'll need to use your other hand to slip the latch at the top into the third slot to keep the disc in place. Slide the handle over to the middle.

To get the third handle to the middle, spin the dials around until you've created two vertical tracks for the handle to be pulled through, and yank it down.

Retract all three handles and insert the crank into the hole. Twirl it around to pop the lid open.

Match the pattern beneath the metal frame to the one at the bottom of the panel, slide the handle over, and flip the switch. Pick up the handle with the socket.

Back in the main room, grab the ballerina figurine from the side of the box.

Open the door to the left of the stairs using the handle you just picked up and head on through.

Examine the red box in the corner, flip the latch, and pick up the winding key.

Slide the panel over on the right side of the box and whip out your eyepiece.

Slot the pieces into place in the order above, then use the winding key in the hole.

Open the lid to find another simple puzzle. Press the button to depress the gold pieces in the track and guide the ballerina into the centre. Insert the ballerina figurine you picked up earlier and repeat the process.

Once they've been reunited, take the gem from the figurine's back.

Turn around and head over to the wooden board on the wall.

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